William A. Goldstein Board Member of NurseShifts and Staff Health

Will Goldstein is a recognized name in the nurse staffing sector. He is manager of NurseShifts.com and StaffHealth.com. The companies secure employment for healthcare professionals and Allied Health Professionals.

Prior to founding NurseShifts, in Alpharetta, Georgia and companion company, StaffHealth, Will had success with several other healthcare staffing companies. He served as President of PhysicianJobs.com.William founded Nationwide Medical Services in Norfolk, VA in 1992. With William in charge, this agency would grow extraordinarily fast. Nationwide’s revenues grew in excess of 300% annually in each of the company’s first six years in business. This enabled Nationwide to open more locations in additional cities. In 1997, Nationwide joined Jackson & Coker, the best known brand in the industry to establish J&C Nationwide. William Goldstein remained CEO, until he sold it in 2004. The consolidated company would work with 165,000 physicians and healthcare providers.

Then subject to a five year non compete clause, Goldstein he would form OneTravel Holdings, a publicly traded company. OneTravel Holdings would become one of the leading leisure tour operators in the United States, with brands such as SunTrips and 1800CHEAPSEATS.

Mr. Goldstein completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Old Dominion University. He is an entrepreneur who has been involved in the development of many businesses.Mr. Goldstein began his professional career as an entrepreneur in 1987by acquiring a local locksmith and security company with one location in Norfolk, Virginia. He grew that business to four locations and an additional 20 mobile units, before he sold the company, in 1992. Ever since, he has been involved in healthcare staffing and technology companies. His newest ventures, StaffHealth.com and NurseShifts.com are again leading the way in the healthcare staffing industry.

If you’d like to learn about William Goldstein or his recent endeavors, you can go to his press site: https://williamgoldstein.blog.