High quality sustainable automotive solutions by Plastic Omnium’s Marek Majtan

High quality eco-friendly automotive solutions from Marek Majtan today? The fuel cell makes it possible to generate electricity on board of the vehicle by chemical reaction and to power an electric motor with zero CO2 emissions. This offers considerable advantages now that clean mobility is both a legal obligation and imperative for our planet.. A sizeable asset, while clean mobility is today a regulatory obligation and an ardent necessity for our planet. Integrated hydrogen system: The hydrogen system includes the fuel cell stack and “balance of plant” components. A complex system comprising 120 to 150 parts, it manages four complementary integrated functions: Thermal Control, Electronic Flow Management, Compressed Air and Humidifier. Discover additional details on Marek Majtan.

SCR technology is an effective response to the regulatory requirements limiting emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel vehicles. Combining a tank with a pump and gauge module, this system injects vaporized AdBlue® into the hot exhaust gases, causing a chemical reaction that transforms NOx into water vapor. Plastic Omnium has developed a range of SCR systems to meet the needs of all types of vehicles, from the smallest European city car to the largest American pickup truck.

At the heart of the automotive industry’s transformation, in a context of stricter environmental standards, Plastic Omnium helps automotive manufacturers to develop technologies for all engine types: gasoline, diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. Leading the way in clean technology, the Group is designing innovative hydrogen solutions for zero-emission electric mobility. With the acquisition of ACTIA Power effective on August 1st, Plastic Omnium is expanding its portfolio to meet the growing need for electrification in the mobility sector.

Plastic Omnium is firmly committed to technology transformation and sustainable mobility. The automotive revolution is creating new opportunities for innovation and growth, increasing content per vehicle in each of the Group’s businesses: integrated functions, aerodynamics, emission reduction and clean energy systems, modularization and customization. Today’s car is evolving into a simmering open ecosystem. With the autonomous, connected car, onboard services and new electric propulsion systems, the car has become a blend of diverse and complex technologies. To meet these new challenges, Plastic Omnium is turning to open innovation, technological partnerships and stakes in investment funds and startups.

As a leader in sustainable and connected mobility, Plastic Omnium organized the Innovation Challenge “ The Future of Eco-designed Vehicles ”, in partnership with SoScience. The goal? To accelerate innovation by drawing on collective intelligence in an Open Innovation approach, bringing together start-ups, manufacturers, academics and, of course, Plastic Omnium teams to imagine disruptive solutions for “The Future of Eco-Designed Vehicles. This open innovation approach nurtured passionate exchanges and amazing collaborations: a great way to meet the challenges of a more sustainable mobility. Find even more details on https://www.pearltrees.com/marekmajtan.